VIRGO – that Perfect Imperfection

by Barry Kerr, Evolutionary Astrologer

  • Dates:           Aug 21 – Sept 20



  • Ruled by:     Mercury
  • Element:      Earth

Though true for everyone, the following information will feel more relevant to you if your sun, north node, Chiron and/or a group of other planets are in Virgo on your birth chart.

What Is Virgo’s Intention?

After expressing ourselves through Leo, we are ready for some feedback. In the grand scheme of things, what we are doing here, as spirit in human form, is learning how to be conscious co-creators in this time/space dimension we call the physical world. This requires that we pay attention to how this world works, practically, on every level. Meet Virgo: perfect imperfection!

It is the Virgo in us all that focuses attention on the details in our experience. Virgo’s spiritual intention is to get it right, to create life to the highest orders of potential. Thus, when we are in our unconscious Virgo self, we might be fussy, particular, and critical, as we are sensitive to every thing that falls short of wholeness and perfection. The world is giving us feedback so we can improve our selves, our lives and to serve others by improving theirs.

In this process, our Mercury minds take in and analyze a cascade of information about how everything around us and inside of us works or doesn’t work. In affect, Virgo is our inner scientist, applying logic and coolheaded reasoning to our experiences and our relationships. When we do this well, we arrange our daily habits and lifestyles in earthy ways that maintain our health and wholeness, that ground us to the practical boundaries of life, and find useful service. When we do this poorly, we cut off feelings, suffer illnesses, create work and relationship problems, and/or lose spiritual perspective and connection.

What needs healing and growth?

The wounded Virgo in each of us feels incomplete, scattered, fragmented, disconnected and/or impure. Something is wrong physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and we need to “fix” or “get rid” of it. This can be experienced as physical illness, hyper-anxiety, over-analysis, obsessive worry, obsession with details, faultfinding, perfectionism, “being right” and inflexibility. There is a nagging sense of dissatisfaction that longs for wholeness and order.

To heal our Virgo selves, we need to learn to appreciate that though this world appears to our logical minds to be chaotic, fragmented and disconnected from order and spirit, it is actually always in perfect spiritual balance and harmony; and so are we. With this polar perspective (Pisces/Neptune), we can accept, love and serve ourselves, others and the world as they are, appreciating we are each on a unique journey back to conscious wholeness as co-creators. Our job is to pay attention and learn to co-create with more wisdom, faith, mastery and love.

Additional Support (current planetary transits)

Freedom-loving Uranus trines the love planets, Venus and Mars in Leo through September, bringing intuitive needs for stimulation and freedom in your quest for passion and connection. Venus has been retrograding for several weeks, inviting introspection about your love relationship(s) and will turn forward on September 6. That’s a good day to apply changes and/or recommit to your relationship(s).

When the Moon catches up to the Sun for a New Moon Virgo on September 13, it will be a good time to set intentions to improve you’re your ability to remain fully expressed in relationships, particularly with a partner.

With both the Sun and Moon opposing the wounded-healer Chiron, your sensitivity to your partner’s pain will be heightened. At the same time Jupiter will oppose Neptune, creating tension between your own fiery need for expression and your empathy for others’ feelings. In addition, Mercury will be opposing Uranus, creating a tendency to force your original ideas onto others and become defensive. The invitation in all this is to set a New Moon intention to become more aware of how your own emotional tender places get triggered while you strive to create excitement and passion in your relationships.

Transformational Pluto’s trine to the Sun and Jupiter for most of the month will test the power dynamics in relationships but strengthen your confidence to know when to be assertive and when to compromise.

Good Virgo things to do in September

Question your routines and begin to change those outdated, particularly health related. Take time for inner reflection, inviting insights for improving your life, but being kind to yourself. Look for ways to act on your feelings of compassion. Serve. Take up a study or teach. Watch for how you criticize others and yourself and learn timing, tone and effectiveness.

Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has 35 years of experience with an international clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology, energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Skype or in person in Madison, WI. Inquiries are welcome – free 15 minute consultation to explore if this is for you. Visit for more information.

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