Current Astrology: Gemini, Mercury and current transits

The Sun moved into Gemini on May 20.  Gemini

Fleet-footed Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. After establishing our right to exist with Mars/Aries and connecting to our body and resources with Venus/Taurus, it’s now time to begin exploring our environment. Mercury represents our rational, logical thinking mind, which takes in information through our five physical senses, processes that information, and communicates the results.

Our thoughts are primarily driven by our values and needs (Venus) and determine our actions (Mars). These three functions (Mercury, Venus and Mars) are the primary components of our animal existence. (The Moon in Cancer will add the layer of emotions, birthing our humanity.)

Our brain (Mercury) typically runs the show. Through logic and reason, we’re able to organize perceptions into memories, associations, symbols, lessons, and possibilities. Through symbols, we are able to communicate our thoughts to others, thus combining our brain with theirs into a web of mental synergy that increases our capacity for collective survival. As we extend our mental awareness outward, experiencing our relationships to things and people, our mind creates a reality, a story of life, which becomes the evolving phenomenon we call our “self”, the very limited perspective defining our ego.

The sign your Sun is in will be the filter that determines the central qualities of your ego self. However, the sign your Mercury is in will determine the way your mind assists you toward that expression. For example, a person with Sun in Libra will ultimately be driven toward relationships more than most people, and if that person’s Mercury is in Virgo, her mind will be most curious about practical feedback and analysis within relationships. However with Mercury in Scorpio, that person will be most curious about the emotional undercurrents within relationships.

One of the most important processes that form our ego is that of comparisons with other(s). Contrasts and similarities define our sense of self, and because this world of time and space consists of dualities and polarities, we find ourselves exploring various ends of those spectrums, curious to discover and learn about them. This is why Gemini people can be so curious, fickle and easily distracted, yet delightfully interested in all points of view. There is an innocent and neutral mental exploration in process.

When our inner Mercury is wounded or dysfunctional, we can feel a sluggish awareness, intellectual inferiority, or communication problems, sometimes leading to overcompensating in these areas. As a healing issue, it’s about becoming more aware of the principles of duality.

Mercury plays a necessary and important role in our ability to navigate the physical world. Because it is the major engine of our ego’s construction and existence, it is also the primary inhibitor in our intended journey toward transcending our ego’s limited perspective and reclaiming our intuitive awareness, seeing our selves as divine beings, whole and immortal, and only temporarily subjected to the illusions of limitedness in this world.

In each lifetime, as our Mercury explores the plethora of dynamics within the polarities of time and space, our soul is able to absorb these experiences, add them to our accumulated soul knowledge, and apply the gained wisdom to new incarnations. Thus, we become masters, and it is in Gemini that our commitment to learn is renewed.

Current Transits

The New Moon is on June 4. New Moon June 2016

Venus joins the Sun and Moon in Gemini, giving an emphasis to your values and relationships. How aware are you of the relationship between the two? Ask questions. With this moon opposing Saturn in Sagittarius and squaring Neptune in Pisces, it’s an auspicious time to bring cognitive awareness to the influence of your beliefs and spiritual aspirations on your relationships. The ongoing dance between Saturn and Neptune is challenging the practical effectiveness of our ideals.

At the same time, Mercury trines with Jupiter and Pluto, bringing mental clarity to the relationship between optimism/opportunities versus the dark tendencies of establishment powers.

The Full Moon is on June 20. Full Moon June 2016

Venus will slip into Cancer, inviting the emotional rewards of your New Moon intentions. Neptune will have gone retrograde (backward) on June 13, in square with retrograde Saturn, amplifying the already established tension between idealism and practicality. The potential with this Full Moon is to stay sensitive to the emotional quality of your relationships even as you engage with political and spiritual conflict.

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