How We Got To Trump

 How We Got To Trump: an astrological view

By Barry Kerr, evolutionary astrologer

To many of us who aspire to the spiritual principles of unity and oneness (and if you are reading this, that probably includes you), this U.S. election outcome has felt like a violent thrust to our gut, knocking the wind out of us, and sending our 3rd chakra solar plexus into spasms of fearful contraction and angry aggression. For some, it’s a trauma that rekindles old pain. For others, it’s a disillusionment that invites despair. We feel this viscerally, personally and collectively.

Only a few astrologers were willing to predict a Trump win. I didn’t make an astrological prediction, but like most people, I was certainly surprised. Many astrologers, however, did accurately predict the basic components of social and political dynamics that would play out through and emerge from the election. My own take on this tended to lean into a more hopeful manifestation of the archetypal dynamics.

Though some people look to astrology for certainty and predictability, modern astrology has evolved past these expectations and into a more nuanced understanding of the power of our souls to manifest reality in multiple ways, each in alignment with the meanings of the symbols as they reflect the constantly changing energy in each moment. Thus, none of the presidential candidates were going to win because of the configuration of the planets. Rather, any of their victories could have reflected accurately on the planetary placements of the times, though at different levels of consciousness. The real deciding factor was the collective consciousness of the American population.

Post-election, millions of us are now painfully awakened from a denial of where America is really at in spiritual maturity. After all, didn’t nearly every liberal and progressive and even most conservatives assume the populace wouldn’t elect this man? Yet, this disillusionment is the very stuff of what astrology has warned us about over this past year. So, in looking back, I offer an astrological view, revealing my decidedly biased perspective.

Uranus and Pluto have been aspecting each other in square since 2010. This will continue 2016-election-aspectsinto 2020. This square dynamic reflected the ongoing tensions we’ve seen in the past five years between the principles of individual freedom, rights, and progress (Uranus) and the collective powers of government, religion, oligarchy and the like (Pluto). The higher intentions of this aspect would invite progressive transformation of society through the assertion of individual authenticity. The Arab Spring in 2011 illustrated this. A lower manifestation of this aspect would manifest as the “the powers that be” repressing individual rights and progress, as illustrated by the GOP takeover and retro transformation of Wisconsin government and the uprising of tens of thousands of demonstrators, also in 2011. Similar events, both ways, have repeated all over the planet since then.

In the Democratic primary, Sander’s public persona held the energy of Uranus, modeling authenticity, calling for progressive change to the system, and relying on the power of individuals to participate and donate. Clinton’s public persona held the energy of institutional power. She virtually owned the party, had deep connections to institutional powers, and used that power to her advantage.

Once Clinton had the nomination secured, the Uranian synergy of people power was lost. Her identity as a Plutocrat and an establishment candidate is what stuck to her public image, for both the left and the right.

In similar fashion, Saturn began a square dance with Neptune a year ago. This indicated a challenging dynamic between our need to imagine a more ideal future, reflecting a spiritual reality (Neptune), and our ability to apply a earthly-grounded plan of order and discipline to getting there (Saturn). In the Democratic primary, these two principles were personified by Clinton (Saturn) and Sanders (Neptune). After the primaries, feeling their idealism dismissed by the Clinton campaign, the Sanders supporters withdrew enthusiasm. The public was then left with the image of Clinton as a cold “status quo”, establishment figure (Saturn). Neptune was retrograde from mid-July, just before the conventions, to November 21, which had the effect of channeling idealism into delusions and denial. Now that Neptune has gone direct, both left and right are rudely awakened.

On the GOP side, Trump’s persona, like Sanders, aroused the Uranus energy in the populace, promising to empower “lost and forgotten” individuals by shaking up the system at it’s roots.

He also personified both planetary energies of Saturn and Neptune, but at a much courser levels. His appeal to “law and order” resonated with peoples’ Saturnine instincts and fears. His use of delusional thinking and illusive promises appealed to voters’ Neptunian longings for something better. His bullying tactics and overbearing forcefulness seemed to many to be a match for the entrenched Plutonian powers of institutions.

Trumps appeal to the Uranian populism as evidenced by his promotion of individual power (he paid for his own campaign), his seeming authentic, non-conforming, though disturbing personal expression, and his call for radical, though retro change tapped into public sentiment in ways that none of the other GOP candidates (nor Clinton) could match.

Once the primaries were over, and the Bernie movement felt betrayed and ridiculed, the energy of Uranus (populism) and Neptune (inspired hope) drained from the Democratic campaign, thus leaving to Trump the full hand of all four planetary energies with which to manipulate the populace and emerge the winner. The Democrats lost the edge of authenticity, radical change and inspired idealism. Trumps authentic personality allowed him to deceive successfully.

Had Sanders prevailed in the primary, his Saturn and Pluto qualities might well have been a match to Trumps. Sanders and his followers had the discipline to follow through (Saturn) and Clinton’s supporters would have surely followed. Also, Sander’s campaign aimed at transforming the institutions of power (Pluto). Many disgruntled independents might have responded to Sander’s version of transformation, instead of Trump’s.

If astrology can offer us lessons from this election cycle it is this: for the progressive movement to move forward, we need candidates who each reflect the full spectrum of planetary energies at an enlightened level of consciousness. In this way, our leaders can resonate with and appeal to the higher vibrations of the universal archetypes in each voter.

As the planetary aspects above continue to play out into the coming year, voters will continue to learn new lessons about authenticity and power. By 2020, more people will have to dig deeply inside to balance their desire for the ideal with the demands of the physical world. As always, the support of our loving universe of spirit will continue to offer opportunities for individual awakenings and collective advances. Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will move into Aquarius and begin a whole new and hopefully, more progressive 240 year cycle of change. And astrology will reflect the journey.

Planet Sanders Clinton Trump
Saturn Grounded persistence


Status quo

Limited thinking


Law and order



Uranus Individuality


Progressive change

Not expressed as part of her persona Non-conforming

Authentic (seeming)

Rebellious change

Neptune Idealism


Not expressed as part of her persona Delusional thinking

Deceptive promises

Pluto Transform institutions

Personal empowerment

Institutional power

Entrenched power


Transform institutions



Barry Kerr, a soul-based, evolutionary astrologer, has 35 years of experience with an international clientele. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed therapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology, energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Skype or in person in Madison, WI. Inquiries are welcome – free 15-minute consultation to explore if this is for you. Visit for more information or email Barry at

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