SCORPIO – Searching for Soul

by Barry Kerr, Evolutionary Astrologer scorpio

  • Dates:           October 21 – November 20
  • Ruled by:     Pluto (and Mars)
  • Element:      Water

Though true for everyone, the following information will feel more relevant to you if your sun, north node, Chiron and/or a group of other planets are in Scorpio on your birth chart.

What Is Scorpio’s Intention?

If last month Libra was inviting us into relationship awareness, this month our inner Pluto is drawing us deeper into the crucible of intimacy, feelings and change that relationship inevitably requires. Ouch! It’s Scorpio.

The Scorpio in us is driven to uncover the dark, hidden secrets in our self, others, and life. Thus, when we are in our watery, feeling Scorpio self, we can seem intense, hidden, and serious. We may be drawn to crisis situations and melodrama. Scorpio’s spiritual intention is to strengthen our trust in spirit, to know that death, in any form, is but a rebirth of something new: that we are, as souls, immortal. Where change is demanded, Scorpio is there.

Our healthy, conscious Scorpio is learning self-discipline and how to choose constructive change, releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy, eliminating non-useful possessions, and enjoying things without the need to own them. In relationship, Scorpio is learning to open into the vulnerable intimacy of feelings, to accept support from others, embrace cooperation and merging of power. In the process, we become more aware of other people’s psychology (desires, needs, wants and motives) and learn how to blend our energy with theirs to meet our own needs.

Our unconscious Scorpio self becomes judgmental and impatient, overreacts intensively, and becomes preoccupied with other people’s motivations, taking things personally. Unenlightened Scorpio can be fearful of change and frightened by the unknown.

What needs healing and growth?

Our wounded Scorpio, doubting our immortality, fears death. Change always involves some form of death. Thus, we cling to things and people. Perceiving enemies who threaten to take them away, we use our power to manipulate or destroy, all the time putting on a face of light-hearted sarcasm. Though we are very sensitive to other people’s feelings, we keep ours hidden, afraid that vulnerability will be certain death.

To heal our Scorpio selves, we need to use our intense passion for truth to discover the mysterious secrets of life. Our wounds and losses will ultimately demonstrate that we never really lose anything, rather the essence of all we treasure remains with us, born into new forms and relationships. This journey requires that we embrace our feelings and be vulnerable with others, knowing our ego will be challenged, and though it may feel like death upon us, it is actually another part of our phoenix soul, birthing through the fire of transformation with fuller expression into this world of time and space. We then feel spirit, know our immortality and are happy to release people and things to live freely and playfully in this world of illusions, knowing we can never really lose their essence. Our Scorpio intensity turns to passionate delight in how spirit is hidden in the changes, deaths and re-births of this world.

What Can I Do This Month?

To heal and evolve your Scorpio self, pay attention to your feelings. Do you routinely honor and respect your own feelings and share them with trusted loved ones? Or stay hidden? How good are you at reading other people’s feelings? What do you do with that? Are you drawn to melodrama, in yourself or others? Jealous much? What’s behind that? Do you ask directly for what you need, or do you manipulate? Do you resist cooperation? Do you lash out when feeling threatened? Have you learned the difference between interdependence and co-dependence? Are you confident about your immortality? Can you enthusiastically embrace change?

Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has over 40 years of experience with an Barry on logo Previewinternational clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners Choose Conscious Living in Sedona, AZ. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology, energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Zoom, or in person in Sedona. Inquiries are welcome. Visit for more information or email Barry at

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