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Dear Astrologer,

My life has been so full of conflict and battles, outside and inside. At times my emotions feel out of control and dangerous. Why would I choose to come into a life with this amount of opposition and conflict? Can you give me a hopeful perspective?

Torn Apart – Born 10/30/74 at 11:06am in Baraboo, WI

Dear Torn,

The zodiac represents a spectrum of polarities and dualities within our world of human experience. So, instead of 12 signs, think of 6 polarities/dualities. Your chart shows the Moon opposing five planets: Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and my Midheaven, mostly in the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. On the one hand, Taurus brings out your emotional need to be self-sufficient, self-centered and grounded materially comfortable. On the other hand, Scorpio brings forth your capacity for joining yourself with another, creating emotional intimacy, interdependency and yielding of your ego. These two sides of you can be in duality or be in polarity, depending on your consciousness in the moment.

In duality, they fight each other. It’s a battle to see which will dominate your ego. So, Taurus may take a principled selfish stand and dig in with stubborn passion, while Scorpio clings to dependency and fears abandonment. This gets played out by attracting the people and circumstances that can personify and act out these parts within us.

As your learning to experience this same opposition as a polarity, you’re beginning to see that Taurus and Scorpio actually complement each other. Rather than battling for the ego, the opportunity exists for you to honor both sides of our your self, drawing on each, as needed, to blend and apply to whatever situation is before you. From this larger perspective of higher self, you know that you are whole, you are all the signs and all the oppositions, all the time, and that is good.

So, Torn, I suggest you change your name; not Torn, but Stretched, maybe even Expanded. These six planetary oppositions in your chart are offering you an opportunity to integrate your emotional, feeling self (Moon) with six other parts of yourself. If you’ll stop the battle and honor each part, you’ll discover ways to create allies within. That will change how you feel and who and what you attract to you in life.

Dear Astrologer,

Today, I had an experience that couldn’t have been better proof that my astrological South Node is in Virgo in my 10th House, conjoining my Midheaven career point.  I set out to complete three days worth of work in 8 hours (despite my boss suggesting otherwise), got fed up and impatient with interruptions, made a mistake, began to feel seething anger rise up from within, made a bit of a scene by snapping at my boss, literally threw away my project and left work early!  I was embarrassed and aware the entire time that I was doing it the old past life South Node way.   Did I earn some karmic debt because I knew this was wrong but didn’t change my behavior?  Perhaps there was a reason this happened?  I was wondering if you might be able to suggest some way I can be better equipped to handle these situations in the future and shake these old patterns that aren’t working for me.  Thanks for all your help, Barry.  I really appreciate it!

Pisces Wannabe – Born 6/25/88 at 5:30pm in Madison, WI

Dear Pisces Wannabe

First off, let’s get straight about how karma works. It’s not really about “debts”, per se. It’s about having experiences that help us learn to live more conscious and whole in various ways. What has been called “debts” is actually not punishment, just a need to learn more about duality and polarity. What we don’t learn gets repeated in various ways until we get it.

But it’s important to keep in mind that this concept is not as simple as it sounds. There are multiple layers of learning and understanding at various levels of consciousness. We typically learn multiple layers of multiple polarities, all at the same time, but not all at once. So, our souls create new experiences that reflect what we have learned, allowing us to express gracefully those parts of ourselves, but also presents layers we have not learned and thus experience less gracefully, perhaps even painfully. As we’ve integrated wisdom into our soul in this way, over many existences, we experience less pain and suffering and more creative joy around that polarity.

Now, concerning your recent episode at work: You did fine with this! Really! Your Pisces North Node in your 4th house is about learning to know and share your emotions and feelings. YOU SHOWED SOME FEELINGS! Yeah!!! Of course you feel awkward about this, because it’s an unfamiliar way for you to be, especially in a work situation. But it is what you are here to experience and learn about during this lifetime. You’re not at a point in your life when you should expect to master your soul’s life goal, which is what the North Node represents. Awkward and confusing emotional situations are par for the course. So accept them and LEARN.

You see how this episode played out your past life South Node Virgo/10th House pattern of control, ambition and recognition. Ask yourself the questions related to this. There are “layers” of insight for you here; not the whole shebang, but some opportunity for progress. Embrace the insights, take note, move on, and expect more to come.

Since your North Node is in Pisces/4th House, don’t expect your insights to come primarily through logic. Other souls are here learning that trick. For you, it’s in feeling the feelings. Afterward, your logical mind will make sense of it and allow for integration. Follow your heart, dear one. Anger, frustration and embarrassment are information to tell you something. So listen.

While most of us are stumbling around by day, tossing and turning at night, and wondering WTF?, the planets are slapping our faces, kissing our cheeks, and offering a cuppa jo. Kiss back. Send your personal or general astrology questions along with your birth date, exact time, and place of birth (as listed on your birth certificate) to It’s fun, anonymous and FREE. You’ll sleep better, too.

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